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Status Check

Instead of jumping right in, I wanted to take a minute and do a status check, look back and help us in our planning and scheduling.
  • Future.  I think the biggest question is do we want to continue?  Personally, I do.  I will openly say that things weren’t often smooth, but I greatly enjoy the time spent with you, and the incentive to read more. That being said we’re a busy group of people.  If some find it best to step out, or come back and forth based on their schedules, that’s fine.
  • Book Selection.  This has always been tricky.  While thinking about it, I realized we had a higher number of readers in each of the books being turned into movies (Water for Elephants, Eat Pray Love, Devil in the White City).
    -I’ve found a few books being made into movies the next year, we could consider those with plans to see the movie.           -Or we could devise a system of who chooses etc.
  • Meeting Days.  Everyone has days that work best, and ones that are packed.  Of course there will always be events, illness and emergencies, but a calendar typically stays fairly regular.  What days are the best for you?  What days DON’T work?
  • Meeting Places:  Jamie has moved on from Laman (Congrats Jamie!) but we can always reserve a room there, or at aCALS place.  There have been offers of people hosting in their homes.  Another option we have not done is having a meeting at a restaurant.  (There’s no mess, there’s always alcohol) We’d just need to make the reservation.
  • Thoughts?



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In the Meantime…

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great (and hopefully a stress free) December.
I loved seeing many of you at Bosco’s.

While we won’t reconvene until January, I wanted to throw out a few talking points and questions.
(Ok, in all honesty I want to pick up something new to read and I get easily overwhelmed making a choice.  I like referrals.)

With that being said, I want to know:

Has any book had a Major impact on your life?
(What was it/Why)


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Hello Everyone!

Here are some short questions we may go over Wednesday:
(These are from bestsellers.about.com)

  • Did you like the format of the book, the way Elizabeth Gilbert split it into 108 short chapters? How did this contribute to the flow?
  • Guilio says Rome’s word is “sex,” and Gilbert decides her word is “antevasin.” What is your word? What is your city’s word?
  • What did you learn from Eat, Pray, Love?
  • What is one thing you did not like about the book or disagreed with?
  • Why do you think Eat, Pray, Love has sold so well?
  • What are some of the ways Gilbert found pleasure in Italy?
  • Do you think seeking pleasure is a worthwhile pursuit? How do you pursue it?
  • In many ways, the entire book Eat Pray Love is a spiritual memoir; however, Gilbert particularly focuses on her spiritual pursuit in the middle section of the book. Did you relate to Gilbert’s spiritual journey? What parts of her opinions about God did you agree with and what did you disagree with?
  • Do you think a person can know God?
  • What do you think Gilbert learned in Bali? What did you take away from this final section of the book?
  • If you were able to travel for a year, where would you go and why?
  • Other, more in-depth Questions can be found Here

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    Eat Pray Love Meeting

    Hello Everyone!

    I know many of you are working or finishing Eat Pray Love.  The books are due the 20th, so how does a meeting the week of the 12th sound?

    I can do Mon-Wed.

    Plus, what shall we make?  I’m fine doing some form of bruschetta or something else.

    Can’t wait!

    Plus we can make a special, Movie event!

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    So we’re in this Middle Place, haven’t selected another book, haven’t met about Freakonomics.

    I know some have said they’d be fine picking a new and just moving on.  Personally, I’d like to discuss Freakonomics with some folks (I found the book interesting, find you all interesting, guessing lively conversation & banter would ensue) 

    I’m up for conversation over coffee with folks.  Anyone interested?

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    What’s Next?

    Hey everyone!
    We had our two botched mtgs on Freakonomics; what should we do next?

    Do you still want to meet & discuss it?

    Or just pick a new book?

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    Dear Readers,

    I have a question for you all.  Are there times when you stop reading a book?
    Recently I checked out a book from the library, I’ll admit I didn’t know much beyond a summary of a couple of sentences.

    During the prologue the author clearly states the book will discuss breast cancer, and a parent being ill, both issues that resonate with me and push me emotionally.

    I think I’ll continue reading it (at least the writer gave a warning) but it made me think about when I have abandoned books in the past.

    What makes you leave a book?

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