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Status Check

Instead of jumping right in, I wanted to take a minute and do a status check, look back and help us in our planning and scheduling.
  • Future.  I think the biggest question is do we want to continue?  Personally, I do.  I will openly say that things weren’t often smooth, but I greatly enjoy the time spent with you, and the incentive to read more. That being said we’re a busy group of people.  If some find it best to step out, or come back and forth based on their schedules, that’s fine.
  • Book Selection.  This has always been tricky.  While thinking about it, I realized we had a higher number of readers in each of the books being turned into movies (Water for Elephants, Eat Pray Love, Devil in the White City).
    -I’ve found a few books being made into movies the next year, we could consider those with plans to see the movie.           -Or we could devise a system of who chooses etc.
  • Meeting Days.  Everyone has days that work best, and ones that are packed.  Of course there will always be events, illness and emergencies, but a calendar typically stays fairly regular.  What days are the best for you?  What days DON’T work?
  • Meeting Places:  Jamie has moved on from Laman (Congrats Jamie!) but we can always reserve a room there, or at aCALS place.  There have been offers of people hosting in their homes.  Another option we have not done is having a meeting at a restaurant.  (There’s no mess, there’s always alcohol) We’d just need to make the reservation.
  • Thoughts?



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